About Me

I am what all the corporate personality tests call “a helper”.  People like me find it hard to fit into the corporate culture, the sale-cycle, the grind.  All I want to do is work for you – so you can be the best you can be so that you do great things.

I was fortunate to find an amazing career with a big-name financial institution providing small business loans.  As a salesperson in that industry, I was given the opportunity to really listen to my clients, find solutions, and ensure they got what they needed when they needed it.  There is no greater feeling for me than knowing I have aided in helping someone grow and prosper.  No loan size is too small – sometimes the littlest bit of extra money makes the biggest difference.

Then, 2020 came.  They tried to keep up on board, but in the end, providing loans to businesses proved to be impossible because businesses were hanging on shoestrings or closing completely.  The big corporate structure was not able to provide aid because the risk was just too high.  Because, well, you know – 2020.

I started searching for my next step.  Job posting after job posting, interview after interview, nothing felt right.  This helper couldn’t figure out what type of salesperson life would give me the fire I had once had.  2020 was starting to win.  And I was starting to feel defeated.

Then, the miracle came.

I found an opportunity to provide small business loans to all types of people.  Not just the ones that fit into the small box of my previous life.  I searched a little more, and found there are several funding providers out there that will support loans, even in 2020 – and I could be part of them all!  I could carve out my own place in the world of small business funding and provide all types of options to all types of people!  A way to not be a salesperson, but a friend and trusted ally.  I brainstormed what that meant for my future, and came to conclusion that it meant that I could truly be a helper – a helper to all!

360 Funding Solutions was born that night out of a spark of excitement and drive.  It all made sense – 360 is two-fold – I grew up in a very small town in the Midwest, population 360 people; and my own knowledge and experience watching many businesses make a complete turn-around in their lives with a bit of financial assistance.

Let’s talk.  Maybe you don’t know if you want or need a loan.  Maybe not right now.  Maybe you want to know what your options are for sometime down the road.  Maybe you need help yesterday.  No matter what the situation is, I will do my best to find the right solution for you.

Let me be your helper.